The Cambridge eScience Centre


Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge

Defining e-Science

According to the web site, e-Science will refer to the large scale science that will increasingly be carried out through distributed global collaborations enabled by the Internet. Typically, a feature of such collaborative scientific enterprises is that they will require access to very large data collections, very large scale computing resources and high performance visualisation back to the individual user scientists.

The Cambridge eScience Centre

The Cambridge eScience Centre has a remit from the DTI to promote e-Science research in East Anglia. It is part of a national network connected through SuperJanet. It offers access to major supercomputer facilities, using a package of Grid software based on the Globus standard. It employs staff to give technical support. The projects that it supports must have a matching level of funds from industrial sources.

The main objectives of the Centre are:

  • To support e-Science projects involving scientists and industry in the Cambridge region.

  • To enable new scientific advances by using Grid-enabled applications to tackle Terascale problems.

  • To develop new generic Grid-based tools for massive data handling, high-perfomance computing and visualisation applications on wide area networks.

The Centre supports a wide range of projects including:

Developing a university-wide computational grid.

Telemedicine on the Grid
Demonstrating the capability of Grid technology to support multi-disciplinary meetings for the review of cancer diagnoses and treatment.

Molecular Informatics
Exploiting modern methods of information management to discover new molecular information. Call for early adopters...

Electromagnetic Scattering from Aircraft
Visualising complex 3D EM data.

Enabling UK cosmologists to make world class contributions from observation of the cosmic microwave sky.

Distance CFD Supercomputing for Industry
Understanding turbulent flow patterns in complex systems like gas turbines and aero engines.

A program for long-term research into Grid systems architecture.

Open standards for clincal cancer informatics.

A light-weight Grid services toolkit and applications.

The Centre is also one of the sites providing support and infrastructure for the UK e-Science GridMon project. GridMon is a UK e-Science project whose intention is to establish and maintain a "best of breed" infrastructure for e-Science and Grid oriented network performance monitoring. See the GridMon web site for more information, or click here to use GridMon at Cambridge.


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