We have already described in broad outline the computing infrastructure available to the COSMOS consortium, through their central supercomputer at DAMTP and their compatible SGI servers at the Cavendish, IoA and other remote consortium sites. With these substantial hardware resources in place already, we are seeking partial support for the establishment of the National Cosmology Grid (cosmogrid) beginning at the end of this year. As soon as the machine is upgraded they will begin immediately installing and implementing grid-based protocols, data transfer technology and other toolkits (such as Globus) across the COSMOS network. For example, this will include GridFTP for secure and efficient data transfer between consortium sites, the MPICH-G2 implementation of the Globus-based Message Passing Interface to enable distributed execution across our multiple server network and CoG Kit (the Java Commodity Grid Toolkit) to enable configuration and submission of pipeline computations from web browsers. As we have mentioned, the COSMOS consortium has already engaged in a collaboration with SGI engineers on increasing the transparency of job submission and queuing applications and we will extend this work to improve their range and capability in a grid-based context. The implementation of this basic grid framework will greatly facilitate the transparency and efficiency of COSMOS code development and the interchange of simulation results.

Another aspect of work will be to keep abreast of developments within the PPARC particle physics and astrogrid projects. We would aim to use compatible grid software and methodologies wherever possible. Compatibility with astrogrid is particularly important for CPAC and LPAC projects which will require access to the astrogrid `virtual observatory'. Planck will provide high resolution sky maps over the frequency range 30-1000 GHz 4 and a rich data base of Galactic and extragalactic sources which should be included in the virtual observatory database.


NASA, Hubble Heritage Team

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