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HPCF Launch Event

Cambridge-Cranfield High Performance Computing Facility

Launch Event

2-6pm, Thursday October 30th
Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road.

The CCHPCF will be hosting an event in CMS to celebrate the successful recent installation of the SunFire Galaxy-class F15K supercomputer. There will be short talks covering many of the applications currently running on the CCHPCF and associated projects within the University and also talks by Sun Microsystems. (See below.) After the talks there will be a wine reception with the opportunity to meet the management of the CCHPCF and senior representatives of Sun.

All those who have an interest in high performance computing in any area are most welcome to attend. If you intend to come we would be grateful if you would email Penny Longland on in order to plan catering appropriately.

How to get here

2:00-2:05 Opening Remarks Professor T Pedley, Head of DAMTP
2:05-2:15 Introduction Dr. R Horgan, Director of CCHPCF
2:15-2:30 High Productivity in High Performance Technical Computing for Academia and Industry Mr. S Khan, Sun Vice-President for High Performance Technical Computing
2:30-2:45 Tasks, Opportunities and Challenges Mr N Maclaren, Systems Manager, CCHPCF
2:45-3:00 Computational Catalysis for Cleaner Car Exhausts Dr. S Jenkins, Chemical Laboratory
3:00-3:15 The Future of First Principles Simulations Professor M Payne, Cavendish Laboratory
3:15-3:30 Molecular Environmental Sciences with High-Performance Computing Dr M Dove, Department of Earth Sciences, and the National Institute for Environmental eScience
4:00-4:15 The Cambridge eScience Centre Dr. A Parker, Cavendish Laboratory, and Director of the Cambridge eScience Centr e
4:15-4:30 Systematic Identification of Large Numbers Frog Genes by Comparison with Other Organisms Dr. M Gilchrist, Head of Bioinformatics Group, the Wellcome Institute
4:30-4:45 Simulation and Modelling of Turbulence and Combustion Dr. S Cant, Department of Engineering
4:45-5:00 High-Performance Computing at Cranfield: Materials Design to Materials Failure, Aeronautics to Bioinformatics Professor C Thompson, Head of AMAC, School of Engineering, Cranfield University
5:00-5:15 Electromagnetic Wave Scattering Dr. M Spivack, DAMTP, CMS

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