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EMGrid - Electromagnetic Scattering From Aircraft

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Visualising complex 3D EM data.

Conference paper: Visualisation and Grid applications of electromagnetic scattering from aircraft (PDF)

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Project Staff

Dr Mark Spivack 

Principal Investigator

Dr Xiaobo Yang 

Scientific programmer (also on the Distance CFD Supercomputing for Industry project)

Andrew Usher 

Visualization Software Engineer (also on CosmoGrid)

In design and remote sensing of aircraft or complex structures electromagnetic scattering has a central role. Engineers may use radar scattering in optimising the design of shape and of material properties, with collaborating scientists often in geographically remote sites. This information raises problems of visualisation of complex scattered radar patterns and high dimensional data, and its incorporation into the engineering process.

Visualisation tools are being developed to allow interactive examination of scattering patterns across the structure surface, and of the radar cross-section in 3D space around, or fields within or on the structure.

The high computational cost makes these particularly demanding. Interpolation is first used to provide higher-resolution interrogable data, from values calculated at an initial set of points. Several representations can then be applied, to allow investigation of key features in radar data, their causes and how they might be modified.

Visualisation tools

Results will be available to remote users via the web portal, who can execute scattering code or launch the visualisation software. The user can for example view isosurfaces, ie surfaces of equal intensity in 3D; alternatively colour contour plots which reveal high-intensity areas by steering a cutting plane interactively along the structure, in a virtual 'fly-through'.

Virtual Fly-Through

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