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Exploiting modern methods of information management to discover new molecular information.

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Conference paper: A semantic GRID for molecular science (Word 97 document)

The Problem

  • Chemical safety is now a key concern in Europe and elsewhere.

  • Of over 30,000 compounds in regular industrial use very few have had a complete safety analysis.

  • Safety is determined by properties of the compound and its environment.

  • Chemical properties are difficult and expensive to measure and may involve animal testing.

  • Less than 0.1% of published chemical properties are Openly available in an electronic form.

  • Conventional publication produces fragmented, un-validated, unfriendly data.

Our Solution

Journal-eating Robot

  • Create an Open architecture to compute molecular properties.

  • Our robots read normal journal articles and extract the molecular data, which is turned into XML, aggregated, and validated in CML (Chemical Markup Language).

  • Our Grid-aware high-throughput computation of properties uses W3C and OGSA tools (Condor-G, Xindice and Tomcat).

  • Create a Grid-based "black-box" for non-specialists to compute molecular properties on demand.


  • Can generate globally unique identifiers for molecules.

  • Validates molecular properties against community-wide metadata.

  • Contains a global ontology and standard for molecules.

  • Represents data and metadata in a generic architecture.

  • Quality of resulting data is enforced by use of standard protocols such as XML.

  • Supports authoring by humans, instruments and computational chemistry programs.

  • Our application is now being made available to selected collaborators.


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