The Cambridge eScience Centre (CeSC)

Open Science Information Demonstrator

The Open Science Information Demonstrator (OSID) project produced tools to visualise the Grants on the Web data from EPSRC and NERC, allowing drilldown by institution, department, PI, geographical region, award scheme, research topic etc. It also included the NERC Research Output Database, allowing users to see at a glance the variety of papers, prizes, public engagements, patents and policy impacts of any individual grant over a course of years.

OSID was a collaboration between the eScience Centre, the Department of Chemistry and the Open Knowledge Foundation, funded by JISC and Sciencewise-ERC. It ran between January and July 2011.

Unfortunately the OSID website (originally hosted by the Open Knowledge Foundation) is no longer active, but some of the project documentation is available here:

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Research area heatmaps mock-up
Spending distribution mock-up
Investigator relationships mock-up
Phase 1 project report - March 2011
Phase 2 project report - August 2011