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Scientific Forum

The 1st CeSC Scientific Forum was held on the afternoon of Tuesday 18th June at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

Industrial projects funded by CeSC described their progress to date. There was also an opportunity to hear about the AstroGrid project and the Cambridge-Cranfield High Performance Computing Facility.


Welcome and Introduction - Dr. M A Parker


Telemedicine - Dr. M Graves


Molecular Informatics - Prof. P Murray-Rust


AstroGrid - Dr. N Walton


National Cosmology Grid - Dr. E P S Shellard


Coffee Break


Electromagnetic Scattering from Aircraft - Dr. M Spivack


Distance Computational Fluid Dynamics - Dr. S Cant


High Performance Computing Facility - Prof. I T Drummond


UCamGrid - Dr. N Walton [*]


Discussion and round up - Dr. M A Parker


Wine Reception

[*] Dr. Walton writes:

"UCamGrid is an initiative aimed at providing an inner focus for University of Cambridge 'grid' and 'escience' endeavours. Continuing excellence in research will be ensured by successfully leveraging and exploiting 'grid' technologies. UCamGrid aims to provide a forum, bringing together the wide variety of expertise across the University in this area. Best practice and 'grid' possibilities will be disseminated throughout the University. Awareness will be raised as to how 'grid' technologies can best be utilised by any particular research group.

UCamGrid will help foster and promote multi-disciplinary e-science bids with active UCam involvement, helping to best position UCam groups with respect to upcoming Spending Review 2002 and EU Framework 6 funding opportunities. UCamGrid is being formed around a nucleus of University 'grid' expertise including the CeSC, GridPP, AstroGrid and the NIEeS. Interested groups are invited to participate."

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