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The Cambridge eScience Centre and the National Institute for Environmental eScience are pleased to announce a joint Scientific Forum at 2pm on Monday 17th March 2003.

The Forum will be held in meeting room 3 at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

Mr Graham Cameron, Associate Director of the European Bioinformatics Institute has agreed to give the keynote speech. Professor Ekhard Salje will speak about the range of activities of the NIEeS. There will be speakers from scientific projects currently funded by CeSC and NERC, who will describe their progress to date and give an indication of the diverse subject areas covered by the eScience initiative.

Ms Angela Morrison from NERC and Dr Anne Trefethen from DTI will outline the funding available for future projects that will apply escience to science, technology, medicine and other activities that involve massive amounts of data.

Potential project partners and others who are interested in escience and its applications are invited to attend the meeting. It will start at 2.00pm in Meeting Room 3 of the CMS, with a closing wine reception at 5:30pm. Please email if you would like to attend.



Welcome and Introduction - Prof. Peter Landshoff


Keynote speech - Mr. Graham Cameron


Molecular Informatics - Prof. Peter Murray-Rust


Clinical Cancer Bioinformatics - Dr. Carlos Caldas

Using IT to improve clinical care - Dr. James Brenton


Coffee Break


The National Institute for Environmental eScience - Prof. Ekhard Salje


The environment from the molecular level - Dr. Emilio Artacho


[Animation 1] [Animation 2]


NERC funding update - Ms. Angela Morrison


Electromagnetic scattering from aircraft - Dr. Mark Spivack


Computational fluid dynamics on the Grid - Dr. Mark Savill


EPSRC funding update - Dr. Anne Trefethen


Closing remarks - Dr. Andy Parker


Wine Reception

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