Visiting CeSC

Our main base is at the Department of Physics Cavendish Laboratory, J J Thomson Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0HE. This is part of the West Cambridge site, off Madingley Road. Some useful maps, in order of detail, are:

Getting here

By car: parking on the site is limited, but may be possible by prior arrangement (Cambridge, like many cities, has a problem with traffic, and the City Council does not encourage provision of car parking spaces). The best plan is to park a car at the Madingley Road Park and Ride site, and take the 77 bus from the site, getting off at the first stop.

By train: The railway station is south of the city centre. The Cavendish is about 3 miles from here, so it's best to take a taxi. Alternatively, walk 5 minutes from the station to Brooklands Avenue where you can catch the Uni 4 bus which stops on the West Cambridge site.

By bus or coach: The bus station is on Drummer St. in the city centre . Either walk (1/2 mile) to the site or else catch the 77 park and ride bus and ask to be let off at the next-to-last stop. Alternatively, taxis stop near the station.